How to Buy a Domain Name that is Already Registered

Looking for the right domain name for your website or blog? Look no further and discover how to buy a domain name that is already registered or expired!

Domain names once bought and registered are referred to as secondary market domains or aftermarket. These domains become available for purchase when the owner decides to sell them or when they expire. The reason why these domains are so popular is because they usually hold great traffic, an inbound link, and significant branding value. Believe it or not, some of these domains are sold for millions.

In this article, we are going to explain how to buy a domain name that is already registered or expired. Before purchasing a certain domain name it is recommendable to know the basics. Here is what you should know!

Some expired domains are immediately put on auction via special marketplace websites such as,,,,, and etc. You can think of this as Ebay for domains. A good domain can be really hard to find, especially if you are looking for the perfect domain for your website. A lot of domains are already taken. It is always worth researching and discovering whether or not the domain you want is up for an auction.

If you want to buy an expired domain, you need to measure its value first. Expired domains are vital online real estate as unlike search engine, there is no mediator between you and your visitors. Even though domain price trends are not isolated from the rest of the economy, still they are similar to the fluctuations of the market and stock prices. You need to keep in mind that the prices may vary depending on various factors such as search engine ranking, keyword use, traffic, and etc. Remember, the higher the bid price, the higher the value of that specific domain name.

Here are some examples of high-value domain names:,,,,, and etc.

Once you will determine the value of the domain, don’t forget to test it. It is also very important to test the domain name before buying it. The last thing you want is your domain name to be on Google’s blacklist.

Apply these tips and buy the perfect domain name for your new website or blog!

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